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Thursday, May 13 2021
Punchablekeytags Oil Change Tire Gauge can create a custom key tag for your business. Shown is one created for a tire company that allows customers to gauge their tread depth to make sure their tires are safe to drive. Let design your customer key tag.  All design work is FREE.  NO setup charge. 

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Thursday, January 14 2021
Punchable Key Tags Pre-Paid Key Tags

Pre-Paid oil change service key tags are used by auto dealers, car repair and oil change shops to increase customer loyalty. All key tags are designed to your specifications. FREE setup and design, FREE shipping. can do it all for you. We also sell quality hand punches. Call today at 800-884-8095 or order online.

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Monday, September 07 2020
Punchablekeytags Oil Change Key Tags created a whole new look for Argo Motors. Let us design a key tag for you. All design work is free. No setup charge, FREE shipping and NO sales tax. Orders ship in 2.5 weeks.  Hand punches are also available as are key rings. Call 800-884-8095 if you have questions or want free key tag samples.

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Monday, November 18 2019
Punchable Key Tags has FREE Custom Shapes can create you custom shaped key tag at no cost to you. Oil change key tags are used to maintain customer loyalty by providing a incentive for customers to return to your business. Low cost, free setup, free custom shapes, FREE shipping and no sales tax. Call for free samples at 800-884-8095 or place your order online.

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Tuesday, May 28 2019
Punchable Key Tags Custom Car Shape

Punchable Key Tags is your place for FREE custom shaped key tags. We can make almost any shape key tag such as the auto shaped key tag requested by our customer to match is logo. We offer FREE design service on all key tag orders. NO setup charges & FREE shipping. Call or email us your custom shape and our graphics department will do a free email proof.

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Thursday, May 23 2019
Punchable Key Tags for Car Salesman Referral Tags

Punchable Key Tags is your source for car salesman referral key tags. Use our free design service to create your own custom key tag. We can include your photo as shown. Our service includes FREE shipping. Fast Service and low ordering quantities. Increase your chance of sales by using our car salesman key tags from

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Friday, April 12 2019
Punchable Key Tag for Scrapbook Stores

Punchable Key Tags has a replacement key tag for the flexible tags that are no longer available. Our key tags are flexible laminated key tags that are printed in full color on two sides.  We can attach a silver split key ring as an option. Loyalty programs are shown to be very sucessful as customers love getting either FREE merchandise or a discount. Order a free sample to see our quality. Call 800-884-8095 or use our contact form to get a free sample.

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Thursday, February 21 2019
Oil Change Key Tags with Car Image can add  your photo or image to any key tag. As the say a picture is with a 1000 words and adding what you sell makes a clear statement of fact. Adding images is free and our free setup and design service and help you design just the right key tag for you. Call at 800-884-8095 for more detals or free key tag samples.

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Thursday, September 27 2018
Punchable Key Tags Custom Shapes II

Punchable Key Tags does it all when it comes to key tags.  We offer low cost laminated or plastic key tags in any custom shape for FREE. There is no die charge for any custom shapeand low minumum orders.  If your business has a unique shape lets advertise it.  We give free quotes and our design work is free.  FREE shipping.  Call 800-884-8095 or email us your shape for a free quote.

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Tuesday, August 28 2018
Punchable Key Tags Oval Key Tag

Tired of the same of key tag shape.  Let Punchable Key Tag design a customer shape for you. Our oil change customer wanted an over shape so his key tag would be easy to spot and made it bright yellow.  His key tag stands out from the crowd. All key tags printed in 4 color process so you can have any color you want. Give us a try when you are ready to order. 800-884-8095.

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Friday, August 17 2018
Punchable Key Tags Custom Round Tag

Punchable Key Tag made custom size round key tags for a church welcoming event for all members. Custom shapes require no addtional die charge or cost. Let us make your custom key tag for your next event. Custom shapes really work well when you tie the shape into your name or theme of your event. Punchable key tags offers free dies, free email proofs, free shipping and no sales tax.  Call today.

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Tuesday, July 24 2018
Punchable Key Tags Consecutive Numbering

Punchable Key Tags offers consecutive numbering on our key tags. Some dealers want to be sure the key tag is used on just one vehicle and numbers of key tags can do that.  Consecutive number is a slight upcharge from our regular key tag pricing.

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Sunday, July 22 2018
Punchable Key Tags Custom Auto Shape can your custom key tag with no die charge. Shown about is a custom automobile shape an auto repair company wanted for their key tag. Pricing is the same as our oil change key tags as long as key tag size is 3 square inches or less. Larger key tag slightly higher. Oil change key tags are our specialty. See our website for details to learn more or call us at 800-884-8095.

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Thursday, July 19 2018
Punchable Key Tags Custom Doctor Key Tag

Punchable Key Tags can make you a custom shaped key tag for your business with NO die charge. An auto repair shop called Doc's wanted a custom shape to reflect their name so we created a key tag in the shape of a doctors medical bag. Custom shapes cost no more than our standard oil change key tags if the shape is 3 square inches or less.  If your shape is larger than 3 square inches there is a minimal up charge to 4 square inches. Call at 800-884-8095 or fill our contact for to get a free quote.

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Thursday, June 07 2018
Punchable Key Tags Church Key Tags

Punchable Key Tags makes all kinds of key tags. Religious organizations use key tags to bring comforting messages to their members. Available in all sizes and shapes and colors we can even add barcoding to key tags so member can use them for attendance. FREE design, no setup charges & free shipping on every order. Email or call today for free samples - 1-800-884-8095.

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